Operating range: -6/-20°C. All snow types, excellent in cold conditions to reduce dry friction.
Vauhti product development team makes continuous innovations and has improved the FC products to a high level. These products have superb characteristics. They minimize the surface energy of the ski base, making it super-hydrophobic and dirt-repelling. At the same time, they are excellent in cold conditions to reduce dry friction. The speed, glide sensitivity, and durability of the FC-powders are excellent in all weather conditions. With versatile application methods every skier will benefit, even the lightweight skiers.

Base preparation for Vauhti FC powders:
• Clean the ski base thoroughly with Vauhti Clean&Glide cleaning and maintenance agent.
• Use an UF, HF or LF RACE product suitable for the snow type and humidity as the base wax.
• Scrape and brush the base wax layer carefully, start with roster or brass brush and polish with nylon brush.

Instructions for cold conditions:
• Iron the powder in by quick (approx. 7-10 sec.) strokes; the iron temperature must be approx. 170 – 180°C. Roto cork the ironed powder surface while still warm, at low drill RPM and light pressure. Only two or three strokes from ski tip to tail are required.
• Cool the skis thoroughly and carefully scrape away excess powder
• Brush by roto horsehair brush. Continue with roto nylon brush until the surface is even and glossy.
o If no roto tools are available, clean natural cork can be used for fixation – rub the surface vigorously and hand brushes for brushing – use a roster brush to open the base and a nylon brush to polish the surfaces.

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Vikt 49 g
Dimensioner 43 × 43 × 60 mm

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