Optiwax Glide tape UHF +1…-20°C (Ultra High Fluor) 10m for Alpine skiing

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Our new product black Glide Tape UHF was a result of product development, where we wanted to find out limits how hard glide tape wax material can be at our production process and where is the limit that itś impossible to wax. Our Target was to make ultra high Fluor wax, which is as hard as possible, which still stays on the tape and can be easily waxed on the ski. Result from this process, was black Glide Tape UHF. First tests in the XC-skiing, Alpine and Ski jumping showed immediatly, that we are on the something, due wax was extremely fast especially on the high speeds.

Glide Tape UHF race waxing will be done someway as with other glide tapes, first choose right Fluor block for current weather, which will rubbed to the ski. After this Glide tape and Fluor block will be waxed together.

Black Optiwax Glide tape UHF is hardest and most durable glide tape. Ultra high Fluor concentration makes the working range of product extremely wide. UHF glide tape together with Optiwax Fluor Block has allready been winning combo in the marathon races by our co-work Pro-teams.

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