Rex 436 G11 Yellow Spray +10…-2°C, 60ml

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Non-fluor version of HF21 Yellow, with all the top wax technologies like N-Kinetic™ -particles, Power Polymers™ advanced wax blend and 2-Step Carrier™ solvent technology. Never has Rex non-fluorinated glide wax been this fast!

Rex G-Series Spray Gliders:

The best wax technology, without fluor

Rex G-series spray gliders are special fluoro-free versions of our most advanced HF gliders. They feature all the technology advantages of Rex HF-series, without the use of fluoro compounds.

With the ample 150 ml aerosol packaging, you can wax approximately 70 skis / 35 pairs with a single can.* (* 188 skating ski, sprayed on full base length)

In low moisture and artificial snow, the performance is almost on par with HF series, with similar durability. G-series gliders are great waxes for fast training and junior racing. Likewise to our HF Sprays, they are the most wax-containing liquid gliders on the market and do not need hot waxing to support their durability. Fills small imperfections in base material like hot wax, reconditions and replenishes.

G41 – Taking a step ahead and breaking the boundaries set by hot waxing! The new G41 Spray is not limited by the requirements set by hot waxing and scraping. The Special UHW wax is only possible to apply in liuquid form. Being the hardest glide wax on the market, it gives unseen performance on artificial and coarse snow, and also on cold dry snow.

All G-series gliders are now also available in 500ml non-pressurized container that especially suitable for ski shops and ski teams.


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