Package size: 35g
Operating range: 0/-7°C
Gel coating for mild winter temperatures.

Fox liquids are easy-to-apply, pliable liquid fluorocarbon coating products. They are suitable for use as top coats on quick glides, base waxes, fluorinated waxes or fluorocarbon powders as well as grip waxes and klisters.

• Clean the ski base thoroughly with Vauhti Clean&Glide cleaning and maintenance agent.
• Use solid wax or liquid quick glide suitable for the snow type and humidity as the base wax.
• Scrape and brush the base wax layer carefully, start with roster or brass brush and polish with nylon brush.
• Spread the gel evenly over the glide surfaces by finger, the ski must be at room temperature.
• Let dry until the surface turns white.
• Brush vigorously with a nylon brush. In wet conditions finalise with a brass, steel, or powder brush.
• Longer distances: Rub the dried gel with natural cork (with drill or manually), leave to cool for a moment, brush vigorously with nylon brush. If necessary, use a roster brush first. NOTE! With FC WET SPRINT skip the rubbing; otherwise, the base will be compacted, leading to deterioration of hydrophobic properties under wet conditions.

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