Operating range: +10/-3°C. Gel coating for all snow types, suitable for wet and 0°C conditions. Soft and greasy content guaranties water repellence and high speed. Durability of FC WET SPRINT is approx. 8 km on clean snow.

Liquified versions of the FC powders. Excellent durability, also when applied directly on top of wax. FC liquids can be used on top of quick glides, base waxes, fluorinated waxes or fluorocarbon powders. Waxing is quick and easy, result is very good even on top of base waxes. Suitable also for coating grip waxes and klisters.

• Clean the ski base thoroughly with Vauhti Clean&Glide cleaning and maintenance agent.
• Use solid wax or liquid quick glide suitable for the snow type and humidity as the base wax.
• Scrape and brush the base wax layer carefully, start with roster or brass brush and polish with nylon brush.
• Spread the gel evenly over the glide surfaces by finger, the ski must be at room temperature.
• Let dry until the surface turns white.
• Brush vigorously with a nylon brush. In wet conditions finalise with a brass, steel, or powder brush.
• Longer distances: Rub the dried gel with natural cork (with drill or manually), leave to cool for a moment, brush vigorously with nylon brush. If necessary, use a roster brush first. NOTE! With FC WET SPRINT skip the rubbing; otherwise, the base will be compacted, leading to deterioration of hydrophobic properties under wet conditions.

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Vikt 45 g
Dimensioner 30 × 30 × 80 mm

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