Vauhti Clean and Glide 500ml

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Vauhti Clean and Glide 500ml

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Vauhti Clean&Glide is an effective cleaning and maintenance agent for glide zones. It cleans the ski bases from dirt and maintains by creating a fluorinated wax coating on those. Always start a new waxing by cleaning the ski base with Clean&Glide. This improves the performance of the glide waxes since ski waxes and fluorocarbon coatings adsorbs only to clean ski base. At the same time mixing of the decelerating dirt with the new glide wax can be prevented.
Available also as a single wipe. With Clean&Glide Wipe you can clean the ski bases in between the ski tour and continue skiing with clean base without new waxing.

• Shake well
• Apply on Vauhti polishing cloth
• Wipe clean
• Brush with a nylon brush after 1-2 minutes

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