Continental Grand Prix Attack & Force III Set 23/25-622

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Continental Grand Prix Attack & Force III Set 23/25-622
A real racing set, which then fully developed his performance on the asphalt, when the hunt begins in seconds.
A perfect tire set: the Grand Prix Attack & Force III Set by Continental
The new GP Attack front tire benefits from the Black Chili Compound development. A Black Chili version provides even more extreme grip with lower rolling resistance. Its 23mm silhouette makes it the favorite of the criterion Renner. Lightweight relent, playful handling. The new GP Force rear tire comes with 25mm powerful therefore. In conjunction with the Black Chili mix it rolls easier and safer track from its predecessor.
Scope of delivery
1 x Grand Prix Attack III 23-622 (front)
1 x Grand Prix Force III 25-622 (rear)
Attack on the competition and lightweight construction wheel: much aerodynamics, light weight
excellent puncture protection Vectran ™, excellent driving characteristics thanks to Black Chili Compound
Front and rear are matched with different sizes [23 / 25mm] and complement each other perfectly
Product features
Modell: Grand Prix Attack (front) / Grand Prix Force (rear)
ETRTO: 23-622 / 25-622
Dimension: 700x23C / 700x25C
TPI: 3 Lagen/ 330 tpi
Technik: Vectran Breaker
Ausführung: black/black Skin folding
Bar: 7.5-8.5
400 g / pair
Technical details
This unique tread rubber mixture which is only produced in our German factory has revolutionised bicycle tyres.
BlackChili Compound improves rolling resistance by 26 % and provides 30 % more grip than activated silica compounds.
Premium tyres with BlackChili Compound also impress with higher mileage and unlike many multi-compounds, provide a constant ride from the first to the last kilometre.

Vectran™Breaker – The benchmark in puncture protection
Vectran™ is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fibre from a natural model. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is spun from the melted liquid polymer Vectra and processed further to a multi-strand thread. Spider silk like Vectran™ has an enormous tear resistance at a very low weight: Exactly the right properties to process into a premium Continental bicycle tyre as a puncture protection insert. A Vectran™ Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than the comparable nylon breaker. Vectran™ Breaker does not adversely affect the rolling resistance.

TPS – A pioneering front tyre and rear tyre system for road racing
With the TirePositioning® System, the last little bit of what is currently technically possible has been exploited. Motorcyclists have known for a long time:
Different demands are made on a front tyre than on its rear counterpart.
The narrower front tyre provides reduced wind resistance and better handling.
An adhesion-optimised tread mixture supplies the necessary grip especially for wet cornering.
The wide rear tyre offers better traction thanks to a larger contact area and at the same time more comfort.
Thanks to the fast rolling, optimised tread mixture and the larger contact area on the rear tyre, wear is reduced.
The result is a pioneering front tyre and rear tyre system for road racing; to be found in our GP Attack and Force combination.

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