Rode P20 Rode Green

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Vårt pris: 90 kr
Indikativ översikt av Rode burkvallor enligt Ski&Bike Nordics uppfattning: Produkt Code: P20 -7°/-15° Discipline : Cross-country classic Kind of snow

Star C2 Cold Powder – fluorocarbon wax -5 – -30

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Vårt pris: 219 kr
C2: very hard powder wax with the addition of fluorocarbons providing excellent results in the very cold abrasive snow with

Swix V05 Polar Hardwax -12/-25C, 43g

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Vårt pris: 79 kr
New fallen snow -12°C to -25°C. Old fine grained snow -15°C to -30°C. As the name indicates, this is hardwax

Swix VGS35C Base binder spray, 70 ml

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Vårt pris: 139 kr
A base binder spray for fine grained and transformed snow. It is applied by holding the bottle upside down and

Swix KX75 Red Extra Wet Klister 2C/15C

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Vårt pris: 119 kr
Temperature range +2°C to +15°C. Wet snow klister. Used when the snow has a high water content such as slush,

Red Creek Riller 2084 0°/-6°. Snedhuggen/skrå, medium

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Vårt pris: 779 kr
Riller, längd. 0°/-6°. Snedhuggen/skrå, medium.